Rammy is a Finnish manufacturer of front-mounted ATV accessories. As a pioneer, they have passionately developed and tested their products to be the best in the world. With top of the line quality and functionality, Rammy's products are designed to transform your outdoor chores into play.

We offer a 2 in 1 option, saving you up to $6,000. Our specialty kit can quickly transform your Rammy brush cutter into a lawn mower. Purchasing these products individually would cost you $7,800 each, but we are offering this package for just $9,599*.

Purchase your Brush Cutter and Lawn Mower from Rammy and save $6,000!

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Powered by a Briggs & Stratton engine and attachable to almost any ATV or UTV, your property care routine will be more efficient, convenient and fun. Plus, with Rammy products, you have another reason to drive your ATV! Upgrade your property maintenance routine today.  

Rammy Brush Cutter 

Rammy Brush Cutter 120 ATV An agile, maneuverable, and powerful cutting saw. With six rotating blades, it easily tackles grass, hay, willow bushes and even trees up to a width of 10 cm. They are hinged to fold when an obstacle comes in, which reduces blade wear and damage.

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Rammy Flail Mower 

Excellent at cutting meadow grass and roadsides, the Flail Mower will clear any spot of the land. The Y-blades for rough use are included in the standard flail mower delivery.

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Rammy Lawn Mower

The Lawn Mower has 6 horizontally rotating blades spinning at 4000 rpm. They are hinged to fold when an obstacle comes in, which reduces blade wear and damage. This machine is excellent at mowing grass and hay.

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What is the difference between Brush-Cutter and Lawn Mower?

A Brush-Cutter and a Lawn Mower are two distinct types of machinery that serves different purposes.

Brush Cutter are designed for cutting through thick vegetation in rough terrain (have specialized cutting blades), while lawn mowers are designed for mowing grass on a flat surface.

More details:

1. Cutting mechanism: A lawn mower typically uses a spinning blade that cuts the grass evenly to a desired length.

In contrast, a brush-cutter uses a rotating blade that cuts through thick vegetation, such as tall grass, weeds, brush, and small trees.

2. Cutting area: a lawn mower is designed to cut grass on a flat surface, such as a lawn or sport field. It is not suitable for cutting brush or weeds in rough terrain.

A brush-cutter, on the other hand, is designed to cut vegetation in uneven and rough terrain, such as steep slopes, ditches, or rocky areas.

*Excludes taxes, PDI freight and additional financing charges.  

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